Open the chicken!, recruit people, the U.S. Brewer of beer knowledge

Open the chicken!, recruit people, the U.S. Brewer of beer knowledge
beer knowledge

beer knowledge

Open the chicken!, recruit people, the U.S. Brewer of beer knowledge. The payroll each year 2.2 million.
Serves Recruit A historian researching the American beer-beer joint Fabulous compensation. 2.2 million baht per year.

When the Fox News Web site July 27 2559 There are reports that it serves the National Science Museum product thaprawat AIT American job. “the beer historians ‘ work with the Institute to research historical information about beer by an employment contract for 3 years with each 64,650 year compensation in us dollars (approximately $ 2.2 million) and other benefits.

Paula Johnson’s side required conservation product serves recently said that this position is being opened up to a new supported by the Association of brewers, so finding the Brewer made about beer. Be dedicated to education, research and data collection of brewing history of America.

So far, the school has had a history of collecting food for many years. Almost any type of food storage, since wine bread. Cheese, coffee, agricultural products, including beer production in the country. Now they have stored the information came in the late 19th century to the early 20th century, but there is very little information during the 1960s up to the present moment, even prosper, however in beer production.

For information from American Brewers ‘ Association said that the current domestic brewers are up to about 15% increase list 4,269 from last year, with manufacturers is 4,131 2416 list.

This is a feature for the applicant must be a high level of graduates in the fields of food business. The production of beer culture, or have expertise in history, by those who have been selected will have to travel across the country to interview experts in the beer industry. Documented article with present research information to the exhibition includes the works documented in the archives, and certainly one of the important missions, probably not from the clutches of the drink.

However, for those who are interested, he will have to hurry because such a position open only to August 10.


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