Open House central document nokra Korn Hiran

Open House central document nokra Korn Hiran
Open House central document nokra Korn Hiran

Open House central document nokra Korn Hiran

Open House central document nokra Korn Hiran. The owner of the clinic, the mechanics and the sacred.
Egbert nokra Korn Hiran. The owner of a beauty parlor? “lawmaker noble clinic” with several branches around the country, Thailand. Open House & collectibles show

Considered to be another one of the zealous young businessmen of beauty for the protagonist, Kim nokra Hiran. A successful young Executive life until being lifted, as the idol of the new and latest. Presenters from the guest (The Guest), befriending people like Amy smell plum speedy RAM you and ball invitations lawmaker chaset smile, it will take you to the spot in that the protagonist’s home today is a luxurious address nokra?
Saw’s stronger than the word luxury, because just the furniture Home Interior it with every piece of Crystal, gold, which is detailed and high-priced pedals at the same time millions.

By EEK nokra says Crystal dining table to be tender care, it’s good that we’ve purchased, it will increase the price lol. Now that bought it at a store because it gradually as people like Crystal deposition, because like a fetish one. Every car part, it will be a Crystal hanging. They air it plates and bowls of email, we use everything we ate all of it’s price, real enough. It’s a dozen guys, come as a set. I see what we were doing.
In addition, the collectibles EEK nokra came to visit with both the chess Garden 5 by Egbert nokra says someone has sold 2 million sets, but it chose to order custom made gold, which is the price per pack is about 1 kg of the gold series uses only about 2 lankwa baht.

And when it comes to cars that are running. The young protagonist nokra, it now has revealed that four of the most prominent, but there is not many cars in the country, Thailand is the ronroi, which has 18 cars in Thailand, approximately 34 million but rarely implemented, and if the question of whether this car worth the price or not. Must say before that like this car is considered as another investment worthwhile and if required, also believes no losses anyway?
However, the This is the only part of the story, to visit the home. Egbert nokra if want to see this magnificent full view can be tracked in the guest celebrity at befriending 10.15 p.m. July 16, channel 8-2559.

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