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The owner of a coffee shop to confirm the image shirt to poke is just an event-marketing

The owner of a coffee shop to confirm the image shirt to poke is just an event-marketing
image shirt

image shirt

The owner of the coffee shop dipped pretty shirt image pointer is an event-marketing is pretty hired. Confirm with your employees ‘ uniforms, all comments welcome in social politics that women’s dignity is not lean.

After that the online world is sharing the pictures of strange ideas, coffee shop saosoef singlets with the store’s menu came, customers choose the poke. Made a sound, heavily criticized the creation of suitable in this campaign ideas [read the news: strange ideas co coffee shop trucker! Select the menu saosoef on poke The task of this reaffirmed fungal knife. Click]

Latest entry August 2 2559 real audio 8 channels, the real owner of the coffee shop interview said over the telephone. To discuss the concept, and the fungal Associates reaffirmed that occurs by the shop owner specifies that such ideas have come from talking with the team about to channel. Relations which channel, then there is a high cost is that idea and use a social network to shop, which uses less capital PR.

By their event and it went pretty wearing t-shirt with colors in order to create screensaver menu tasks. All this confirms that no corporal punishment, pretty girl. That picture is just the camera angle. Not the meat. Man shot, it is known as the footballers. Customers can order a menu pointer from shirts but was prohibited, and such ideas are made every time a store event.

Staff is wearing uniforms of the restaurant’s menu with screensaver on the shirt and wear long trousers on, but will not vest, which will vest, put only the pretty youngsters receive our events. It attacks their flow section, look at what you see on the Internet than do their wireframes, graphic. For example, another event that hired pretty bath-car wash. Degrees of strength, their events are stronger.
From the comments it does not strongly criticized, because think of all their interactions, there are both positive and negative stories that feel good that people are interested. Their considered their market success. The flow view that their shops took the dignity of women, teasing it. Their thought, if compared to other events, and then their are also considered another little boy will you practise work which does not fall within any of the action will be the notion of human dignity.

Such events section in the corner. View of the business market. Their idea that if their complete the MVNO Can be made to create a colorful and exotic, and confirm that the coffee sales. Not sold pretty Most of our customers, it is a student-workers, General.

Photo from Facebook friends, fresh coffee.



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