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Photojournalist James Nachtwey Princess of Asturias communications

Photojournalist James Nachtwey Princess of Asturias communications

Photojournalist James Nachtwey Princess of Asturias communications

Photojournalist James Nachtwey Princess of Asturias communications

The American photojournalist James Nachtwey is the new Princess of Asturias Award for communication and Humanities, whose name has been chosen by the jury from among other 22 candidates, including the screenwriter Aaron Sorkin or the Guadalajara book fair.

Award, Nachtwey, of 68 years and considered the heir of Robert Capa, the Princess of Asturias Awards return to recognize the branch of general photography and photojournalism in particular, after that in 2013, the winner of the prize for communication and Humanities was Annie Leibovitz.

The jury described it as “one of the best photojournalists of the war of the last few decades” and stressed its “professional engagement” in the more than thirty conflicts and humanitarian crisis that has covered “without abdicate the ethical principles of the informant or to make the opinion of the Chamber”, according to the minutes of the decision.

In addition, the members of the jury include that their “teaching” as a “lucid witness of human suffering” has bequeathed to several generations of photojournalists from around the world.

In statements collected by the Princess of Asturias Foundation, Nachtwey has thanked the award: “is a great honor to receive the Prize Princess of Asturias in communication and Humanities and be in the company of so many personalities and outstanding organizations that have been a source of inspiration and influence both for me and for millions of people”.

First online
Born in 1948 in Syracuse, in the State of New York (USA), the Viet Nam war and images of the movement for civil rights in the U.S. caused such an impact in James Nachtwey who decided to devote himself to photography, which he learned from his own.

This photojournalist has covered armed conflicts and major humanitarian crises of recent decades, like those of El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Lebanon, Rwanda, Chechnya and Kosovo, as well as the 11-S.

In 1976 she began working as a photographer for a newspaper in New Mexico, the new Princess of Asturias Award for communication and Humanities has worked for the magazine Time since 1984 and has been associated with agencies like Black Star and Magnum, in addition to having founded VII.

For his work, Nachtwey has twice received the World Press Photo award, in 1992 and 1994, in addition to five medals Robert coat of the Overseas Press Club of America, among other prestigious and numerous awards.

Second Prize in fail is
The communication and Humanities is the second failing of the eight awards that granted the Princess of Asturias Foundation, after last week the prize of the Arts next in the actress, Director, and production designer Nuria Espert.

The jury for this prize has been chaired by the director of the Instituto Cervantes, Victor García de la Concha, and part also part of it, among others, journalists José Antonio Vera, Miguel Angel smooth and José Antonio Álvarez Gundín; the editor Beatriz de Moura and the Dean of Arts and Humanities at the University of Harvard, Diana Sorensen.

The communication and Humanities award, as well as the seven remaining, is endowed with a reproduction of a sculpture of Joan Miró – representative of the prize – symbol, the amount of € 50,000, a diploma and an insignia.

The last year, the prize went to the Sevillian philosopher Emilio Lledó, while in 2014 distinguished Joaquín Salvador Lavado (Mendoza, Argentina, 1932), known popularly as Cinchona and as the creator of the character of Mafalda.


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