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private parts should the hair removal?

private parts should the hair removal

private parts should the hair removal

About hair removal, we always have many questions, but this is a problem that all the girls want to know and care about! Razors, waxing or pulled up to the end of what is the difference? Why pulling hairy underarms dark? Was, again, the privates not hair removal? Today we asked celebrity love BODY SPARK in the professional apart from the maoshalonglai for our answer!

Pulling hairy underarms dark?

But some people are born with physical arm compared to black beyond tweezers Pluck is one of the easier the reason for dark skin. Generally not recommended to use tweezers to pluck, because it is easy to let the skin damage caused by bumps, pores open that bacteria cause inflammation, likely to cause pigmentation. To note is that some electric hair removal by scraping, and some are pulling him to distinction. In addition, beeswax is also pulling ‘ a!

Bikini line hair removal: is it necessary?

Is, of course, depends on each person’s habits. Bikini line hair removal advantages is the ability to reduce heat, private parts than dry, reduce the odor and reduce the occurrence of diseases. After hair removal enhance moisture, use privacy special moisturizers.

In addition, underarms, private parts in addition to the amount of hair, cleanliness is also easily lead to odor problems in the summer. Generally do not recommend using too much powder, body cream, and so on, because it is more difficult to know whether the chemicals cause skin problems. Outside the House with a damp paper towel, wipe, and dry.

Why did you come with friends to do hair removal program, he needed less hair than I?

Because of the hair growth cycle is different for everyone! Hair cycle period, rest periods and degradation of the three cycle phases, each part of the hair cycle is different, most people except for wool are 5~6 time will be significantly enhanced, people with wool, sometimes more than 12 times is possible. Hair follicles have a social activity, after doing hair removal course, must feel a certain part of the improvement is better, some parts fall off more slowly.

In addition, underarms and intimate hair removal, must be better than other parts of the times, will achieve the desired improvement in the situation.


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