Qubool Hai 20 November 2015 Zee TV Drama


Qubool Hai 20 November 2015 Dailymotion Video

Watch Online Zee Tv Serial Qubool Hai 20 November 2015. Hindi Drama Latest Episode On www.dramasdownload.com Qubool Hai 20 November 2015. High Quality Dailymotion Video Links Tv Drama Qubool Hai 20 November 2015. Indian Drama Qubool Hai 20/11/2015. Full Episode Online Zee Tv Hit Serial Qubool Hai 20th November 2015.

Drama Main Cast

Alka Kaushal as Raziya Gaffur Ahmed Siddiqui / Sir Juda. Surbhi Jyoti as Sanam Aahil Raza Ibrahim / Jannat Shaad Aftab Khan. Ankita Bahungana as Nazia Raza Ibrahim. Amrapali Gupta as Fake Misbah Sayyed/Shashi Kapoor. Additi Gupta as “Nayi” Sanam/ Sanam Khan/ Sanam Aahil Raza Ibrahim. Karanvir Bohra as Aahil Raza Ibrahim/Sahil Qureshi.

Full Episode Qubool Hai 20th November 2015

Afreen is boggled as she returns to the kiotchen, when begum insults her, that she is more amazed at her being alive, or the way that the milkshake didnt chip away at armaan. she clarifies how she messed around with the beverage when the light went off. afreen is stunned and nauseated. before she can come, begum drops the glass and it falls on the ground, much to her stun. begum grins at her.


Sanam Drama 20 November 2015

Qubool Hai 20 November 2015 Zee TV Drama

Qubool Hai 20 November 2015 Zee TV Drama

Afreen begins roaring evilly, and after that swings to her, saying that she is pure, to still have such pride in place, as she spared hsrelf, however might she be able to spare mahira, as she is semi-dead in her room, and inquires as to whether she thought, armaan would experience passionate feelings for an oblivious young lady, as he should just love afreen.

Zee Tv Drama Qubool Hai 20th November 2015

Granny is in the interim playing with a youthful child, who is going about as a terrorist, and she gives a container of choclates to him. he is energized first yet then gets tensed. She inquires as to whether he didnt like the blessing. he says that his friends mother excessively got the same blessing, and it would have been superb on the off chance that he too had his mom. granny gets tensed. in the interim.


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