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Real Madrid 12 horses compete only 1 win!

Real Madrid 12 horses compete only 1 win!

Real Madrid 12 horses compete only 1 win!

European club final Opera in Milan’s San Siro Stadium, against both from Spain, and from the same city. Once again, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid into the Champions League final Madrid Derby.

2 years ago Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid meet in the stadium of light in Lisbon, Simone team 1:0 advantage to the stoppage, but Ramos header equalised in injury time the seconds phase, after the match was dragged into overtime, then scored 3 goals with Real Madrid hit the sheets, history of ten of the Champions League Crown. Time will soon be over 2 years, football has prepared a Champions League final for Madrid duo, Simone natural desire to lead Atletico to complete the perfect revenge, but real Madrid will hope to repeat the glory of 2 years ago, after the lost King’s Cup and La Liga, the Champions League has become real Madrid’s last chance of redemption.

Battle record, Real Madrid maintained historical advantages, but Atletico Madrid remain in recent seasons. Starting from 1992, total score against Atletico Madrid 30-17-8 negative occupy Jue to the advantage, but real Madrid’s victory set by 2014. Starting from March 2, 2014, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid played 12 times, only 1 Real Madrid win 6-5, at the Jue Lee. Twice a League clash between the two teams this season, is 1-1 with Real Madrid at a disadvantage.

League second round Madrid Derby of the season, Real Madrid 0-1 lose, then direct Barcelona 12 points behind, Shi Dan met his first crisis of confidence. That game was not only Zinedine Zidane’s first defeat since coach Madrid, was also seen as the League’s almost early farewell, although Barcelona later shed the chains, Real Madrid has failed to fill points disadvantage.

Real Madrid are the only solace is that 3 times Champions League clash with Atletico Madrid, they lost. 2014 champions, Real Madrid’s overtime win. 2014-15 season 1/4-finals of the Champions League, Real Madrid away from home 0:0, home 1:0 make the cut. This victory was real Madrid last 12 Atletico Madrid only won in the contest.

Before the final of the Champions League, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid have rested for two weeks, this means that appeared at the San Siro Stadium both teams are full of energy, ready to work. Real Madrid, La internal injuries stop people Arbeloa knee injuries, the two men are not the main, Shi Dan’s squad are not in trouble, Ronaldo’s injury does not prevent, the squad perfectly. Atletico Madrid had no casualties, players such as Fernando Torres, gelieziman, Kekai also will debut in full.

The styles of the two teams, Shi Dan pursuit of balance. Balance and strength, is the biggest advantage of the Real Madrid midfielder, Luka modric, and Krause and Casemiro escort for attack the BBC, Casemiro is considered balanced is the real key. Real Madrid midfielder currently guard the hardness and thickness are guaranteed, plus mature combinations of Ramos and Pepe, and Navas heroics, Real Madrid goal impenetrable. 12 Champions League games this season, Real Madrid has lost only 5 goals conceded matches just two games, this is now the first European, although Atletico is known for strong defense, but they let in 7 goals, 2 goals more than real Madrid.

Of course, Atletico’s style is tough enough, eliminated FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid, with tireless running and positively steals, and possession is not important to Atletico Madrid, in fact Atletico Madrid with 30% ball eliminated Barcelona and Bayern Munich both big Macs. Italy shuaisaji, “said Atletico rival oppressive is very big, very aggressive. Bayern Munich, them against Barcelona and with the same attitude, it is their characteristics. Knows when to retreat and counterattacks to score. But, believe me, they also have more determination and dogged willpower. ”

It is worth mentioning that, travel to this year’s Champions League, Atletico has eliminated the Dutch League, La Liga and Bundesliga Reigning champions and qualify 6 opponents of the road, are the champions of the Football Association, called the most gold journey of conquering Europe. In contrast, the match for Real Madrid against the less powerful, when Atletico won that Simone will break the nearly 50 years of European Champions League Manager monopoly situation, according to the statistics of non-European origin can win the Champions League Manager in history, only two. In 1958 and 1959 European Cup champion Real Madrid when he was coach of Argentina who Lewis-Luis carniglia, another was in 1964 and in 1965 won two Champions League’s legendary coach led inter Erennio-Herrera.

If the side aspect, if Qi Zuneng lead to win, that he would become the 7th place in the history of the Champions League as players and coaches have won the trophy man. Previous 6 are Muñoz, Giovanni Trapattoni, and Frank Rijkaard and PEP Guardiola, Cruyff, Carlo Ancelotti.

Player, Ronaldo, this service also has an important meaning. As long as Ronaldo in the scoring in the Champions League final, he will make history as the “era of Champions League,” the first player who scored 3 goals in the finals. Prior to this, Ronaldo scored 2 goals, tied with Samuel ETO ‘ o, Raúl, Messi. Ronaldo three times in the Champions League final, which had two goals, and won the Championship. The Champions League this season, Ronaldo already has 16 goals coming in only 1 goal, equalling their own record of 17 goals. Last 5 Madrid Derby, Ronaldo failed to break through the door to city rivals, and now he needed to score again to prove himself. If Ronaldo in outstanding performance helped Real Madrid win, then in the battle for the Golden Ball award this year will be the biggest hit on.

Two-team, BBC is real’s most important offensive weapon. BBC combinations in all competitions this season scored over 90 goals, and the geliziman and Fernando Torres of Atletico Madrid side this season as well, France stars geliziman scored 32 goals in all competitions this season. Torres in the winter break of the season after 19 games and scored 12 goals and 7 assists, made a goal a game. It is worth mentioning that, Torre called “final killer”, “winners in life”, important events in the European Cup final, his goal is always to help the team win. Atletico’s Torres can bring good luck to the team now.


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