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Samsung S8 after the fingerprint of the short plate destroyed

Last night, Samsung S8/S8+ ‘s evaluation lifted in Europe and America, and in fact starting from 17th, the United States, South Korea, Canada and other land purchase subscribers have begun to receive goods.
Today, 9to5Google alone wrote, again spit S8/S8+ fingerprint module.

The authors NexusBen said that S8 and S8+ after fingerprints are actually very high, not easy enough, and we already know, if you often accidentally encounter the camera lens, open the camera will also prompt you to wipe clean.
He made a dynamic diagram emphasizing that the S8 in the hand is a problem, that the fingerprint is so lame, it is not sensitive.

Ben said he had used 6 seconds to identify success, and he felt inefficient and crazy.
Although S8 joined the iris and facial recognition to assist unlock, Ben believes that many payment applications, password applications are only supporting fingerprints and the use of the same frequency is very high, so he advised to consider the start of S8 users to think clearly.


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