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Sanchez to can socialism is in the heart social democracy is not sold by catalog

Sanchez to can socialism is in the heart social democracy is not sold by catalog

Sanchez to can socialism is in the heart social democracy is not sold by catalog

Sanchez to can socialism is in the heart social democracy is not sold by catalog

The Secretary general and the PSOE candidate to the elections of the 26J, Pedro Sánchez, has stressed tonight that “social democracy not sold by a catalog” in reference to the leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, and the electoral program of the purple formation, which has been presented this Wednesday and that mimics the well-known magazine with Ikea sells furniture.

Sanchez has criticized, in an interview with Ana Blanco on the news of TVE, churches want to present itself as the champion of social democracy. This week, in an informative breakfast in Madrid, the candidate of United we can expressed his desire to “occupy” the “new social democratic space”.

“We are hearing now that the Lord churches is Social Democrat and today has presented a catalogue. And I I remember from my Socialist parents, my grandparents, who are socialist. Socialism is in the heart (…) Social democracy is not sold via a catalog”, underlined by Sanchez.

“Spain needs a social democratic project led by the PSOE, which solvency, project and equipment”

The Socialist candidate has ensured that “Spain needs a social democratic project led by the PSOE” because it has “solvency, project and team” against can, in their opinion, does not one but several projects – in allusion to its union with the confluence and UI – and has no equipment; and in front of the PP where it sees “little box” and a “better to forget it” program.

Asked about the possibility that United we can give the life and leave them as a third force, Sanchez denied the largest and has ensured that “today the PSOE is better placed to win the election than the 20 d”.

In this sense, Pedro Sánchez has appealed to the mobilization of their bases so they are not left at home and come to vote June 26: “polls are a still photo. What we have to do is mobilize all Socialists. Never as before the result depends on the Socialist voters.”

“If we are going to vote, Mr Rajoy is history”
Win the election, according to Sanchez, depends only on them. “If all the Socialists’s heart went out to vote, those who stayed at home in December, and all those who feel disappointed with the Lord churches, if we all unite and are committed by the PSOE change will be and there will be Government.” “If we are going to vote all, Mr Rajoy is history,” added.

“There will be no third election, we need to understand all the political forces”

Sanchez has reiterated that “there will be no third elections” because all the political forces are required to be understood and has blamed the PP and can block the situation after the 20 d and repeat of the elections.

On possible pacts, the candidate of the PSOE has ruled out a grand coalition with the PP – that “it has no future, it has some coalition and some large” – and has also ruled out an abstention to facilitate that Rajoy continue governing if it is the most voted force. Sanchez said that he bet on deal with can and citizens.

“If he had accepted the forced of churches, he would be President”
Asked about the red lines imposed Socialist barons after the 20 d – vetoing an agreement with can not withdraw the proposal to a referendum in Catalonia – and about what will happen after the 26J, the candidate of the PSOE has emphasized that he could be President “if he had accepted the Lord churches forced” but that “the Spaniards not deserved that blackmail”.

The “dramatic”, added, is that if we can had voted in favour of his appointment now would be “fulfilling much of the electoral program of the Lord churches”.

“The problem of churches was the agreement with C’s, was having to vote for a Socialist President”

“The problem was the agreement with citizens nor with Rivera. The problem of the Lord churches was having to vote in favor of a Socialist President in the Government of Spain”, underlined in the interview in TVE that has worn the Orange loop in defense of public television.

Sanchez repeated as a candidate of the Socialists since in the previous legislature it referred to a failed nomination to be elected Prime Minister after accepting the order of the King once Mariano Rajoy renounced arise.

The leader of the Socialists signed an agreement with citizens which was not enough to reach the Moncloa not achieving that I will be added to can. Now repeat in the legislation on June 26 with the aim of achieving it this time while the polls point to a possible life of United we can.


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