Scary superbugs three seconds can kill a person

Scary superbugs three seconds can kill a person

Scary superbugs three seconds can kill a person

According to foreign media reports, the United Kingdom according to a medical report, if the world does not pay attention to the abuse of antibiotics by 2050 will be born the Superbug, which resulted in one death every three seconds.

Due to current antibiotic abuse problem is still not resolved, causing bacterial resistance has been increasing. Behind medical community to develop new antibiotics, combined with human waste a lot of existing antibiotics has led to current antibiotic abuse situation is so severe.

Current severity of the situation has been far beyond people’s imagination. Doctors recently found to exclude Kelly Austin’s ultimate antibiotics bacteria. Some scientists warn that if not resolve the abuse of antibiotics, humans may occur without antibiotics.

It is estimated that 700,000 people die each year from resistant Superbug infection. BBC reporter noted that the human society in the battle against superbugs, poor performance, Super bacteria harm are considered “than terrorism.”

In this medical report, the scientists recommend raising awareness of the risk of drug-resistant infections. Meanwhile, the Government should improve the supply of clean water, improve health levels, strengthening hospital clean to prevent infection.


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