Siya Ke Ram 7 July 2016 Watch Episode Online

Siya Ke Ram 7 July 2016  Watch Episode Online

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Siya Ke Ram 7 July 2016

The Episode starts with Asur coming to Raavan. Raavan says there is an imp work. Asur asks him to command. Raavan asks him to find out about Sanyasis, is Ram alive, is he in pain and sorrow getting separated with his wife, tell me everything, go and find out. Asur goes. Raavan says Ram will be in sorrow, but I m not getting satisfied, till your sorrow does not flow from your eyes as blood tears, I won’t get satisfied. Meghnadh comes and says Sita was attacked. Raavan asks is she fine. Meghnadh says yes. Raavan says Surpanakha is very eager to take her revenge.

Sita recalls Ram’s words. Surpanakha walks to Raavan’s Sabha. She asks whats so imp that I m called in Sabha at this time of night. He says you are still sleepy, you are over drunk. She says whatever I do in my personal time, no one has right to ask. He says I have right to ask, if you do anything against my wish. She asks him to play riddles later. He says this is imp thing, won’t you see. The guards bring the heads of those soldiers who went to attack Sita. Raavan walks to her and asks do you identify them. She says I find all your guards same. He says what happened today, if this happens again then… she asks what are you talking about, what proof do you have. He says I have killed someone once and can do it again. He signs her to go. She says if you don’t have any problem, can I keep these two heads infront of me, it will be addition to the heads already kept in my Kaksh. She asks the guards to keep the cut heads in her Kaksh and goes.

Siya Ke Ram 7 July 2016

Siya Ke Ram 7 July


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