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Spain reaches France between doubts ambition and measures security

Spain reaches France between doubts ambition and measures security

Spain reaches France between doubts ambition and measures security

Spain reaches France between doubts ambition and measures security

The Spanish team landed at night on Wednesday at the airport of La Rochelle, was concentrated on the island of Ré and already sighted from French soil the home of France European Championship among the doubts of the defeat with Georgia, the ambition to conquer the title and the strong security measures.

At 21:20 the aircraft of the Spanish expedition took land in the West of France, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, about 850 kilometres from Madrid, with Vicente de el Bosque and the 23 players who will compete from next Monday for the 2016 European Championship, with their first match of the group against Czech Republic in Toulouse.

Thirty policemen, half a hundred of fans and a score of media waiting them at the gates of the airport, which came out with the official escorted bus and the slogan ‘ a color, a passion, are the Red ‘ inscribed on the sides of the vehicle, along with the colors of the Spanish flag.

Its headquarters is already installed from this Thursday on the Ile de Ré, which contains ten villages along its geography, with dunes, beaches, forests… In one, Saint Marie de Ré, to the South, is the Spanish team, Atalante, four star hotel, a few meters away from the town and sealed by police and private security for the concentration of the red.

A metal fence set up a wide security perimeter around the place where Spain will remain hosted for all the euro. Just moved from the île de Ré to another city for your parties, in the first phase against the Czech Republic, on Monday in Toulouse; Turkey, in Nice, and Croatia, in Bordeaux.

The Ile de Ré, headquarters
The hotel overlooks the sea on one side and a wide fields of vineyards on the other, on Wednesday, hours before the arrival of Spain, already used by police on horseback, careful surveillance all around the accommodation of Spain, which will move about ten minutes by bus for their training in Saint Martin de Ré.

To the North of the island, it is the field where the team, the sports complex Marcel Gaillard, composed of two grounds of natural grass, one of them with a central Harrow, where Vicente de el Bosque and his players will prepare their encounters in the continental tournament be trained, both fences and covered with a blue tarp. The Thursday afternoon will be his first session on French territory.

The Ile de Ré is now ready for days for the arrival of Spain. In the toll that precedes the ascent to the impressive bridge of three kilometers of route between La Rochelle and the island looks like a huge sign with the legend ‘ Welcome to the Red ‘, illustrated with a photo of a bullfighter, on one side, and a Seville, to the other.

Once inside the island, by every people, numerous Spanish flags decorate facades of hotels, streets and even the wine Association of Re. Even the names of every locality have hispanicized. On the usual poster in French, there is now another in Spanish. Local magazines also published on the cover in its issue of June the arrival of the Spanish.


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