Storage command flags “Nova check.” Fear of harassment but actual referendum

Storage command flags “Nova check.” Fear of harassment but actual referendum
Storage command flags "Nova check."

Storage command flags “Nova check.”

Storage command flags Nova check.” Fear of harassment but actual referendum just a brand of coffee.

Sisaket flurry Officials ordered flag storage Nova check The dreaded draft Constitution referendum, but actual flags embroidered brand of coffee to the people attending the meeting regardless of the polls.

2559 July 24 news website reported that Thawat SI SA KET provincial Governor Mr. Suraban Sisaket have been informed by Mr. Sunchati glass stone. Uthumphon phisai district centers maintain peace (arrow) Amphur uthumphon phisai to support referendum Draft Constitution 2559 has been informed that there is a flag that is found, the message says ‘ check Nova “is characterized by a flag tied to bamboo paper. Embroidered long-lined both sides a total distance of 200 meters starting from area offices, elementary education (saphop.), SI Saket District 2 to the intersection of the two homes. 8 t. wall
Government officials took the inspection finds areas are such a flag written with red letters saying “Nova check” with a height of about 1 m preliminary ruling might be expected. Create a chaos in the Constitution referendum, which the word Nova check 2559 may be an expression similar to the word “Nova votes” is not to draft Constitution. Authorities have captured a flag to check the number 47.

Mr. Thawat side to investigate and called a meeting with relevant authorities to determine the source of the flag. “Nova” Gala know no such flag are associated with the referendum even less, but it is the flag of “Nova” Gala is a brand of coffee mix Ganoderma lucidum that dealers have come to rent a restaurant in such a meeting, and flag them so ask to those who attended the meeting, and there is no intent whatsoever to social turbulence.

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