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Swaragini 17 June 2016 Full Episode HD Video

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Patali says I know we can’t kill roli and I also know you want to kill simar to scare everyone. I will kill simar. You released me and I will help you in finding maani. Shaitan says thank you but we need to find roli first. Lets go.

Simar and roli are running. simar and roli are in jungle. Roli says where are we? They hear lion growling. Roli says I am so 17. Simar says why are you 17? I am with you. I remember your first school day you were so 17. Roli says I asked you never to leave your hand. Simar says I promised you I will never. Because of you I had to sit in your class all day. Simar holds her hand and says I will never let go it. Simar says you trusted me everytime. They recall their old times.
Roli closes her eyes. Simar starts walking.

Patali says where have they gone? Shaitan says that simar is so clever. we can’t see them. Patali says don’t worry I am with you. i will tell you what to do.
Mata ji and rest of the family are on their way. Sid says we have been driving, do you know the way? Choti dulhan says about to reaach.
Roli says where will we go from here? Simar says we will find a way. Roli falls into a ditch of grass.
Roli says didi please save me, take me out I am so 17.SImar says I will do something. She extends her hand but simar can’t pick. Patali and shiatan are looking for them. Simar sees mata rani’s chunri.She tries them together and throws it towards roli. Roli pulls it and comes out. Roli comes out and says I was so 17. Just when I left your hand and I felt like everything felt apart. Roli sees shaitan and patali coming. They hide. Patali sees mata rani’s chunri. Patali says they are around.roli says what will happen now? Patali says come out simar. They hear bells ringing roli says there surely is a temple around. Roli and simar run. Shaitan sees them and says there they are. Simar says we don’t have much time lets go.


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