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Tango tool Google updates-AR games more real

Tango tool Google updates-AR games more real

Tango tool Google updates-AR games more real

Recently, the Google engineer Sean Tango Unity Kirmani announced in a blog update SDK, to Tango to the augmented reality App some more “now”. It is reported that the new Tango Unity SDK has the new environmental features.

Kirmani wrote in his blog: “AR is onto virtual objects in real-world environments, whether it is playing Donineaux dominoes or catch a monster game, will become more interesting. But if there is no ambient lighting support, virtual objects will not blend in with the surrounding environment as a whole, is very prominent. Objects should be into ambient lighting environments, physical objects can be seen from reflector, and virtual object shadows darker. ”

“Tango device projected scenes, and people watching the movie almost, can make mobile AR close to the real world. For virtual objects in real life, we have updated our Tango Unity SDK, allows developers to add ambient lighting to their Tango App. ”

It is obvious that Tango with AR technology uses far more than Pok é Mon GO.

“Through calculator Visual, Tango platform allows the device to see the environment around them. Just like people in the room with my eyes found a way, clear across the room from where known tunnels, walls and objects around. In daily life, we often come across these objects in the move process, wanted the Tango platform mobile devices can do that. ”

To this end, Tango has three core technologies:

1, motion tracking (motion tracking). By Tango custom sensors, mobile devices can understand their position, and the direction of movement can provide real-time 3D motion information this mobile device.

2, regional studies (area learning). Tango devices can use Visual cues to help you identify the world around them, can correct itself in motion tracking errors, once after position again.

3, depth perception (depth perception). By depth sensors, mobile devices can perceive the world around us, and new ways to interact in the real world.

These features, Tango tablet development kit can achieve. List price $ 512, this tool contains a camera with a wide-angle camera, a depth-sensing camera, a time stamp (used to mark a certain time) function of the sensor, as well as these three core technologies of the software stack.

The kit includes a flat, but Google says Lenovo Phab2 Pro is the first Smartphone to support Tango system.

The kit can Tango Unity SDK or Java or c language API used only for increased ambient lighting functions, while the latter were developers for the Android SDK.

“If a developer does not have a readily available alternative or preferred rendering engine, Unity SDK is ideal for developing games and other programs that require visualization. “Google wrote in his Web site:” Unity kits provide scripts, components, prefabricated and presentation programs. “


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