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Tashan e ishq 25 July 2016 Episode Watch Online HD

Tashan e ishq 25 July 2016 Episode Watch Online HD

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Tashan e ishq 25 July 2016

Yuvi asks Twinkle if there was no birth mark? she says no, he says lets have another plan, Twinkle says dont know how to say but when Rocky touched me,i could feel like Kunj touched me, I was Kunj’s wife so i cdan feelhis touch, when i lookeed in his eyes,i felt like Kunj’s was looking at me, it weas weird feeling,i know its difficult for you to listen but you are my best friend and i cantlieto you but there is ;only Kunj in my heart even today.

Kunj says to Pallavi that you did good acting of jealous girlfriend,Pallavi says yeah right, fake relation, fake fiance and we will have fake marriage too, Kunj says why you are acting like this? i cant handle your mood swings, Pallavi says yes because its all about you, your revenge,your family and your Twinkle, Kunj asks what

she is saying? she says you should go from here, he says fine whatever, he leaves.

Yuvi says to Twinkle that i know you wont lie to me and wont let me see fake dreams thats why i respect you so much, we will bring Rocky’s truth,dont worry Yuvi is really strong, Yuvi’s heart can bear all this, we will bring Rocky’s truth out and we will deal with this if he is Kunj.

Pallavi drinks wine, and says i wish Kunj you could see what i feel for you.

Tashan e ishq 25 July 2016

Tashan e ishq 25 July 2016


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