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Temple dug rare sculpture hero is monk and women

monk and women

monk and women

Mon through counties than in Myanmar Lin Zhen Wen Gacun snowball Derby (stupa) fence following Tuesday found two mysterious figures, beautifully produced, but the specification format is odd rare, distinct from all known statue, unearthed the statue of the hero is a monk and women.

Two statues of the Buddha are surface relative, woman is kneeling posture, sit on a man sitting cross-legged. Carving, very beautiful. Monks like majestic, deeply compassionate sense, has become one of the Buddhist virtue.

Although there is only a statue, also can feel the compassion. Woman is elegant and gentle and majestic. If we don’t pay their function and purpose, object, Jue is a unique work of art. From layouts to share, are carefully orchestrated.

But when you see these ancient relics and cannot simply look at its shape, you also need to research its social function and value. But unfortunately, it is not clear why under the walls of the temple are statues, why would contravene the rules and common sense, who produces sculpture, this is still a mystery.

Many people have doubts about this, what is this sculpture of specifications and standards for doing. Is that existed before the pagoda, because as time passes by, after the reconstruction of the temple was buried? Or the original statue built temples dedicated to people? If that’s the case, what is the monk and the woman sat? There are many underground Palace under the statue will be, or anything else found said he was looking forward to.


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