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Tesla owners new companies to explore brain computer fit to reproduce human memory

Tesla ((US-TSLA)) boss Mr MASKEY (Elon Musk) and new ideas! His start-up company Neuralink research of the human brain and computers to keep up with the challenge of artificial intelligence and machine automation. Sources say, early Neuralink for the treatment of brain diseases, study ways to increase the brain’s potential in the long run, including the implanted electrodes, hoping to achieve each of the upload and download of memory.

Hong Kong Ming Pao synthetic foreign media reports, Mr MASKEY was established last July in California Neuralink. He has, on various occasions, pointed out that people are facing the challenge of artificial intelligence, last June for example refers to human information processing speed is rather slow, especially with the finger output text. He believes that we have “high bandwidth” Visual interface, the human eye can receive large amounts of information.

Mr MASKEY made “direct brain interface” as a response, brain implants and artificial intelligence, expanding brain function.

Sources, Neuralink working on similar technology, but early studies to relieve the serious brain diseases, such as epilepsy and severe depression, brain implants, devices or electrode based on currently used in the treatment of pajinxun disease, be further improved.

If you believe that the technology is safe and effective, Neuralink technologies will further enhance brain function, such as implanting tiny electrodes in the brain, or even can, download memories.

Mr MASKEY said earlier US magazine Vanity Fair access, I believe that this technology will soon be able to achieve: “to study the interesting local human interface technology, I think the distance (time) would only have to 4-5. 」

Musk did not officially recognize the establishment of Neuralink, but the past six months suggests that this company exists.

Reports quoted a man claiming to be hordak (Max Hodak) man Neuralink had been established, musk is one of the founders, said the company is in the early stage, although there are research projects, but declined to give details.

The Wall Street Journal that his company is also important in the recruitment of academic scholars to join the team. In recent years, many technology companies are beginning to get involved in research of the brain directly connected to the computer, for example a study on the social networking site Facebook to recruit computer brain interface engineer, United States Department of Defense’s Defense Advanced research projects Agency (DARPA) has set aside $60 million in 4 years studying neural interface technology.


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