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Thapki Pyaar Ki 29 May 2016 Full Episode HD Watch Online

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 29 May 2016 Full Episode 


Hey guys , this my first ff and I m big fan of thahaan. So please do comment.

My ff starts with thapki get to know the truth
Thapki : so it was maa. Who was with bihaan that night but why she did that?? I want to know entire truth. There is one person who can tell me.
(after some time)
Dadi see Thapki is going somewhere.
Dadi : thapki beta, where are u going ??
Thapki : dadi ma, I am just going to meet my friend. May I ?
Dadi: yes my child, enjoy.
Thapki leave.

Paan: just coming
(paan open the door)
Paan get shocked seeing thapki infront of the door.
Paan: bhabi , aap yaha?!! Is everything ok?
Thapki: no paan bhaiya , everything is not ok.
Paan: what happened to my bhihaan bhai??
Thapki : nothing , he is okay. Everyone is okay in panday nivas. Can I come in?
Paan : yes,yes bhabi sorry.
Thapki : paan bhaiya, I know that on my weeding night , the person who was with bihaan is no one else but maa.
Paan (in shocked voice) : bhabi , how do u know this?
Thapki : it is not more important thing. Important thing is why did bhihaan and maa do this ? you are only person who can tell me.
Paan : but bhabi …..
Thapki : please paan bhaiya, I m requesting you.
Now paan find him helpless , so he told the entire truth to thapki.
How vasundhara did all this and bihaan is innocent.
Thapki (in mind): maa, why did u do this??? U are the one who ruin my life, my happiness, my everything.
Thapki starts crying.
Paan: bhabi, please don’t cry.
He give glass of water to thapki.
Thapki : paan bhaiya , please don’t tell anyone that u tell me the truth not even bihaan.
Paan : okay . I will not tell anyone.
Thapki leaves from paan’s house.
While walking on road thapki recall all her sweet moments with bihaan. And also his respect towards maa. Teares
Episode end.


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