This is awkward! Analysts said Apple’s iPhone sales next year will fall

This is awkward! Analysts said Apple's iPhone sales next year will fall

This is awkward! Analysts said Apple’s iPhone sales next year will fall

Apple iPhone phone 7 series release and did not encounter a lot of bad reviews, just reflects some of the problems with the user, such as current noise near the camera, and so on, but compared to past iPhone already less ridicule than before. But this is not entirely a good thing, a product by ridicule, of course, there may be a design problem, but it could also be that it is the market and user attention. IPhone 7 situation awkward.

According to statistics, Apple’s iPhone mobile phones over the last three quarters, sales decline in a row. KGI securities analyst Guo Mingchi, recently said that Apple iPhone early next year 7 the downward trend will continue.
He said, “we forecast that in 2017, the first half of the iPhone’s total sales to be down because of China’s market demand for iPhone smartphone weak, slow and 4.7-inch iPhone shipments. In addition, second quarter of 2017, new version of the iPhone is missing SE Smartphone Apple iPhone unit sales may also be unfavourable. ”

Guo Ming chi 2017 iPhone shipments for the first quarter is expected at about 40 million to 50 million units in 2016 and Apple shipments reached 51.2 million units in the first quarter. Expected no more than 40 million units in the second quarter in 2016, down from 40.4 million in the same period. In order to guarantee the profits of iPhone, Apple has been holding down the price of the supply chain, which is the vendor repeatedly complain about things. Particular storage and display panels.

In this case, Apple may continue to develop iPhone prices slightly cheaper products such as SE, after all, the low price cell phones in emerging markets are more dynamic, new iPhone new selling points into the high-end mobile phones may only sales in order to maintain the company’s profits.
Guo Mingchi predicted Apple’s new products and technologies, as fame, he maintained a good relationship with supply chain, so every time Apple releases a new product, he’s forecasting accuracy is very high, so forecasts have high credibility.


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