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Tired of Europe and America face?

Tired of Europe and America face

Tired of Europe and America face

Since the past covered the fashion week, runway, classic brand exclusively in Europe and America faces, possibly because facial features stereo, or Hollywood’s most respected established impression makes the Asians on the international stage opportunities are few and far between. Fashion loves Europe and the wind is right, but wash their clothes in Asians, but feels wrong, possibly resulting in a fashion disaster.

Although the mainstream in the West, but the development of Asian fashion is often stunning, if you don’t like European eyes or Super nose, do not want to regret the plight of, rather than observe the following five leap onto the world “South Korean super model”, learn to wear on their, more effective than perhaps has been studying foreigners Oh!

Often watching must have known about Korean fashion, not only is he Quan Zhilong’s close friends, but also Lafayette one of Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite models, he is the “international model” puxiuzhu, face has a unique personality and iconic golden white hair, always people will want to see him a few more eyes.

Puxiuzhu was born in Seoul, Korea and immigrated to Los Angeles at the age of 10, though possessed of an innate tall skeleton, but he is not on this road from childhood, studied architecture at the University, is a graphic designer, until the shop was a talent scout discovered, on the road to a model.

Start fashion career until the age of 26 puxiuzhu, looks highly distinctive, promoted by ex-editor of the French edition of Vogue, becoming the darling of fashion weeks and magazines, especially CHANEL show absolutely without his presence, which is the most fiery South Korean super model. In addition to runway fashion, puxiuzhu private dress sense is super wonderful, so many girls wear set icon.

Jiang Chengxian was Asia’s first modelling at the age of 21 years old when he won the Ford Supermodel of the World contest title, then play hard in New York alone, 4 years after times square advertising wall, instantly open visibility through repeated four fashion weeks, unveiled major well-known magazine, now in South Korea as a fashion-show host and endorsements.


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