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It’s true! More than iPad Americans love Microsoft Tablet

Microsoft Tablet

Microsoft Tablet

The CNBC report noted that, compared to the Apple (Apple Inc.) ((US-AAPL)), iPad, American consumers do prefer Microsoft (Microsoft) ((US-MSFT)) Surface flat.

International investigators J.D. Power on Thursday (6th) 2017 us flat satisfaction survey, points out that consumer satisfaction with Microsoft Surface, than iPad and others by Samsung, LG, launched by Amazon, ASUS or Acer Tablet.

Microsoft J.D. Power customer surveys, ahead of the Pack in 3 key areas, including network connectivity, spare parts availability and diversity of pre-installed applications. In addition, the devices attract includes material textures and sizes and customer preferences, Microsoft really beat the iPad.

Apple iPad sales falling at the same time, investors are also noted, Microsoft customer 51% that “they were friends and colleagues, the first people to try new technology.” In other words, people who wish to experience the latest technology, have chosen to use Microsoft Surface rather than the iPad.

Overall, the extensive support to all Windows applications, enhances Microsoft Surface flat utility, especially the plate applied to the business people in the workplace.

J.D. Power industry Vice President Jeff Conklin Thursday (6th), “Microsoft Surface platform tablet can play an enlarged, also set a benchmark for customer satisfaction. Many of these tablet devices such as laptop, but they also have flat-panel standard features. This is the biodiversity so that they can be successful and attractive. 」

Although quarterly sales decline, Apple is now the flat-panel market leader. But consumers clearly prefer Microsoft Tablet, I’m afraid it will be dispersed off Apple’s market share.


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