Unveils “super human” robots are coming to see that human beings need

Unveils “super human” robots are coming to see that human beings need
Unveils "super human"

Unveils “super human”

Unveils “super human” robots are coming to see that human beings need what kind of shape is in a car accident, not dead.
Sculptor team Australia Unveils “super human”. The human body model, who was in a car accident, and then will never die, but when we do not have this shape driving safety.

Car accidents are one of the reasons why the number of deaths in the world’s most life. The way Patricia Piccolo SIM, Minnie Sculptor nationals Australia therefore create interesting campaigns coming up is the creation of a special human-robot or super human (Super Human) to simulate, visualize that man must have a body structure like the survivors when a car collision at high speeds.
From the list of Web sites (July 21 2559) daily mail revealed that the super human, this is called the Graz (Graham) is a powerful human performance that illustrates that humans must have what kind of ergonomics survived a car wreck by the sculptor team have brought the Christian surgeon. Ken fields & David Logan Road safety engineers create graphite shapes coming out of ham up and strange appearance shown is with a big chest. There are plenty of extra breast, placed between the ribs to be used as a protective bag and stab the heart broken rib. Fat face filled with the flesh to protect the nose and ears. The neck section, it is omitted to avoid neck problems.
In addition, it must have the graphite surface by thick ham and cohesive than usual to reduce the bruise when exposed to road surfaces as well as large and the legs are strong. To jump, Dodge, a car hitting a projectile. Section, it will need to rotate the knee bent in all directions to prevent broken leg this is the most important part is the head will need to be very large in order to protect the brain from the fourth statutory.


Sculptor team that shaped this ham tan graphics, not just cope with accidents on the road as the driver only. But also survived the accident in case of a pedestrian by.
For this purpose, it creates the graphite ham to make it a diplomatic campaign, driving safety, reflecting that when humans are not shaped like with ham, it may not by accident, violent on the streets. Driving safety is so important.

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