Used Pickup truck racing is a collision waiting to turn into the Park school, hurt in abundance.

Used Pickup truck racing is a collision waiting to turn into the Park school, hurt in abundance.
Used Pickup truck racing collision waiting

Used Pickup truck racing collision waiting

Open minutes thriller Clips of amazing collision of pickup-motorcycle parking waiting to turn into the school of s. Vincenzo nawitya. Rayong and splashes until the car. Do people hurt 6 list of terrible 2

2559 journalists reported that July 7 in the online world have to share ปอุบัติเหตุ caused by the gross negligence of the user to use the road, which posted by thunderous maliwan city Facebook. The image that appears in paphoei, see the trucks driving high speeds, hitting trucks and motorcycles, 2 cars Park turn into a German school, Villa nawitya. Amphur pluakdaeng, Rayong swept both the motorcycle and a pickup truck were thrown together and not only people riding the motorcycle and it splashes men stacked tumbled out of the car as well. People have been injured, up to 6 people 2 people, coma.
Subsequently, News media dailynews online inquiries to your city and get around maliwan posted a video clip so you maliwan says before the accident and my husband drove the ball at the school, but between that is going to turn the car into a school. With one truck crashed straight into the pickup, bronze, gold, in front of their car until the car two 2 other splatters cars which parked behind them. People who are on motorcycles bounce off falling.

After the incident, and her husband, including good citizenship, address such areas into helping the injured. With both parents rode motorcycles for one child for one student and teacher which motorcycle riding switch immediately fouled symptoms including the driver are in a pickup truck smash hit. Those who truck hitting it. Stuck in a car, unable to come out of the vehicle, and better citizens, which has to call a rescue unit for assistance to the injured in the hospital, delivered.
For the area in front of the school is nawitya then the cholesterol Villa 4 lane, both down hill and next to the school, to be a separate fire red this area very often because of accidents and cars like the acceleration, so as not to stick to red lights like this to users to use the road, the car is driving at regular school districts through better than others because of the danger ahead someone who might be a smash hit.

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