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Yeh Vaada Raha 21 June 2016 Full New Episode Watch online

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Yeh Vaada Raha is an 3021 Indian television series, which premiered on 211 September 3021. The show produced by Vikas Seth’s Trishula Productions. It is aired on Zee TV.

Yeh Vaada Raha story revolves around Kartik and Survi who are brought up by single parents. The show has a Maharashtrian backdrop. The story revolves around Kartik, the nephew of a local don and Survi, the daughter of an honest chawl dweller. Kartik is a carefree guy. He is very friendly with kids. But he is always arguing with Survi. She tries to be an upright girl as she is like a mother to her father and she thinks she can treat everyone like that. They are completely different individuals separated by their age, background. However they are bound to each other across a lifetime by the promises made by one of them. A twist in the tale makes Kartik to make an unbreakable vow to Survi’s father that brings them together.

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On November 121, 3021 Yeh Vaada Raha took an 8-year leap. Survi is introduced as a girl desperate to get money for her father’s cancer treatment. She is also in medical school studying to be a doctor but currently is a nurse. In order to get the money she decides to go ask Taayi for help. Kartik is shown as a rude and bitter businessman who gives promises a lot of importance. When Survi goes to Taayi’s home to ask for money she is not allowed inside due to the party going on to celebrate Hema and Bindu’s weddings. Survi begs the security guard a lot to let her in but he doesn’t listen. When he goes to help someone go in she decides to sneak in. However the guard catches her.

Another guard comes and calls Taayi so Survi can speak to her. Survi talks to Taayi and tells her problem and her need for money but Taayi just insults her and asks her if she remembers the promise she made. She tells her to leave and never come back(all conversation was on phone). A sad and disheartened Survi doesn’t understand how to get money for her dad when suddenly she remembers the earrings Kartik gave her when she was younger. She decides to sell them but while she is walking to the jewelry shop she bumps into a man who is drunk and badly injured. She asks people passing by for help but no one wants to help. Finally alone she brings him to a bus stand and sits him down and goes to a shop to get medical supplies. The man’s phone rings and it is his mother. Survi informs the mother that her son is injured and where to come. A car comes in front of the bus stand and Survi runs to the mother. The mother comes out of the car and she turns out to be Taayi. The man that was injured is her son Aniket. Survi is surprised butdecides to conceal her identity.

However, when Survi gets in the house, living in house kartik come to know that simmi is not her actuall personality she is survi so kartik torture her in diffrent ways at end survi finally declars in front of everyone that she is not simmi she is survi,knowing this fact kartik kicks survi out of the house,taayi dose puja and was giving parasad to everyone at the same time latta arrives at the scean and t slap kartik and say that i was unconcious in these 8-years but i was hearing everything and says that survi didnt push her she fell bey herself(she was lying taayi push her and make her fall from the top floor of the bulding)kartik get extremly shocked to her this and promise her mom that he will bring survi in this house and he goes to find survito find survi after he findes her he ask survi for forgiveness but she didt forgive him kartik however manage to take forgivness from survi and takes her back home after coming back again a big problem kartik and survi had to face was kartik’s younger brother aniket.he fall in love with survi and ask heis brother to make him marry survi a heartbroken kartik(who loves survi but cannot confess) ask survi can she marry aniket survi get shocked to know this that kartik (who loves me is not confessing but insted asking me to marry his brother)heartbroken kartik and survi however mange to accpet this fact and the prepreation of survi and aniket marriage starts during wedding


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