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Vin Diesel was exposed to anger by deleting “Speed 8”

According to the time network, “Speed and passion” series of loyal fans may find that yesterday’s release of “Speed and passion 8” did not appear in accordance with the series of the practice of the tail egg. Hollywood Media The Wrap exposed the reason: the egg was unexpectedly “Tang Laoda” vin in Fury under the deletion.

Insiders told The Wrap reporter, “Speed and Passion 8” originally released to the cinema version contains the tail egg, content is a scene Luke Hobbs (Daun, Johnson ornaments) and Decath Shaw (Jesons Tanson decoration) Show Brothers scene, the film is brewing around two roles to shoot “speed” rumored movie. The prospect of this potential project is promising, given the sheer reaction of two people in speed and passion 8.

The insider of a number of films confirms this. They call this egg shoot by producer Neil · H Mo Ruizi is responsible, Mo Ruizi is the full “speed-shock” series of film producer, but the body and “speed and passion 8” of the producer Vin do not know. After his sister Samantha Vincent (and also the producer of this film) told Vin about this, he was furious and called directly to the top of global cinema without disguising his dissatisfaction. The world then recalled all the cinema copies, deleting the egg content. According to one insider, the giant stone and Statham’s opponent play originally was to be broadcast as DVD trailer. The senior officials of the globe were very fond of after reading, but decided to delete this paragraph from the online version of the courtyard, because “the play will have a better chance of performance elsewhere.” ”

“The egg-deletion incident” also adds a new condiment to the discord between Vin and “Stonehenge” Johnson. During the filming of the speed and passion 8, Johnson, who has always been good in the circles, criticized the same actor openly in his face book. At that time, Johnson wrote: “(Speed and Passion 8”) The actress is very good, I love them. But the actor on the crew was totally different. Some of the actors are very upright and genuine, but some are not. Those who belonged to the latter were too cowardly to be helpless. The loser. Next April the audience may be watching the movie, and I find that I’m not acting in some scenes, but really angry–yes, your guess is right. ”

Although Johnson had no names, the consensus was that the actor he shelled was vin. Global studios have said that “contradictions have been solved, and everyone thinks there will be no further follow-up.” When we start the movie, they won’t regenerate the gap. “From this year March onwards,” Speed and passion 8 “cast in succession to participate in a number of new film publicity campaigns around the world, however, Daun Johnson and Vin two people have not been in the same field. Until last week’s film in New York to hold the global premiere ceremony, need to starring all attendance, Johnson first in the film after fixing and Dissel the same field appearance, but between the two always maintained a distance.

At the time of the New York propaganda “speed and passion 8”, Vin denied the argument with Daun Johnson, he told the US today Reporter: “I don’t think we really understand how close we are.” In my home, he is Uncle Daun. Johnson also responded to the matter at the premiere, and his answer was more like Taiji: “Everyone’s worldview is different, making good movies, and everyone loves this movie is the most important.” ”


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