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Vishkanya 22 April 2016 Episode 23 Watch Online Full Episode

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Vishkanya 222th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Malay trying to take selfie with bathing Apu. His battery drains and mobile switches off. Apu thinks of seeing rabbit and gets up from bath tub. Malay hides.

Mamuni revolves around holika dahan with mawari ladies. She purposefully drops marwari lady’s sari in fire and shouts didi’s sari is burning. Marwari lady panics. Mamuni sets off fire with her bare hands and asks marwari lady to be careful. Marwari lady feels guilty and invites her for tomorrow’s party. Mamuni gets happy that her plan worked and says she will be on time and she can ask her help if any during party. Marwari lady hopes Mamuni does not create any problem.

Apu comes back and tries to change. Malay hides and tries to leave. Apu sees him and shouts Mamunii….. All ladies hear her shout. Mamuni rushes towards her home and marwari lady follows with other ladies thinking she will see Apu today at last. Malay shuts Apu’s mouth and requests to stop shouting. Her tear falls on his hand and hand burns as if her tear has acid. Mamuni opens door and marwari lady rushes out before mamuni and they are all shocked to see Malay there. Marwari lady asks what is he doing here. Mamuni says he came back after 12 years and straight away came to meet her. She asks if he broke his hand like 12 years ago. Malay says no and he came here hearing someone shouting. Marwari lady drags him from there and Mamuni closes door before anyone could see Apu. At home, Malay’s mother Nandita peforms his nazar with chillies and burns them.

Mamuni comes to Apu and ties neem and tulsi thread on her hand to normalize her blue skin. Skin color changes to normal. She asks Apu if Malay saw her blue skin. Apu says no as it was dark. Mamuni says it is good and says she can go out from tomorrow. Apu gets happy and thinks she can make friends. Mamuni says she can love people, pointing at Malay. Apu asks what she means. Mamuni changes words and then says Malay was sent to London 12 years ago as he had come here and now she does not want his family to send him from here. She needs her motto fulfilled this time. Apu asks what motto. Mamuni says nothing.

Mamuni removes Apu’s room lock and says her room will not be locked from today. Apu smiles and emotionally reminisces her childhood where Mamuni locks her in a room. She starts crying and smiling.


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