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Vishkanya 22 July 2016 Watch Online Full Episode

Vishkanya 22 July 2016 Watch Online Full Episode

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Vishkanya 22 July 2016

Vardaan comes back home meeting temple lady and gives prasad to Kumkum and Malay lying it is prasad. Apu comes and gives sandesh to Malay and says he likes it a lot and she prepared it. Malay says since Vardaan gave him prasad first, he will eat that. Vardaan says it is good time to show Apu’s talent, she should prepare Satyanarayan pooja prasad tomorrow, reminiscing temple lady words that Apu will lose her powers tomorrow. Apu thinks why vardaan wants to make her prasad when she will be writhing in pain tomorrow.

In room, Malay nurses Vardaa’s wound and apologizes her. She says she wants his love and not sympathy. He says he is guilty and asks if she loves him or not. She says it is irrelevant and sleeps on floor. Malay sleeps on bed and thinks tomorrow he will tell Vardaan

what she wants to hear. Apu sees all this via window and fumes that Vardan is very clever and wants to grab Malay, but she will not let that happen.

Vishkanya 22 July 2016

Vishkanya 22 July


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