The world is difficult for seizures

The world is difficult for seizures

world difficult seizures

world difficult seizures

The world is difficult for seizures. Male strangers attack stuffed bag shit pants girl, then walk away face this holiday.

Most girls cursed journey phone. the pressure is male strangers took a shit bag stuffed in pants, and walk away. Let her shock until the helpless. Finally, you will need to run the home taken back to care. Police have not yet identified aspects that the feces of people or animals.

Mirrored Web site June 30 2559 Disclosure, click potwon the shock, which saved them from CCTV cameras in the district under heavy poeit side. The New York City United States When cooled this past Monday (June 27) by one of the female images in the order that the pedestrian walk, followed by a talk on the telephone, but surprisingly it’s the unexpected happens up.

Male black, buxom body that crept back Grab the waist of her shorts to remove them. Before a fecal bag stuffed into her pants. While the girl was shocked and tried to run away, but she is just falling to the side only. Then Kelly Black said people wearing plastic gloves, facilty throw dropped gesture upset and walked away from the scene at last.

The report indicated that girls who unfortunately has a 27-year run into the garage of Felix Goodison. The owner of the home that is located in the neighbourhood of that incident. He revealed that she was unable to speak or explain convulsed as young birds and could not call police even tried to reach the two girlfriends, however, due to strong shock.

However, the The family of a young woman, she has followed the back home with clean clothes, change later. New York police on side catch villains come punished according to law. The villain, which is skin color seems to be around 40 years of age, approximately 180 cm tall, and are publishing asks anyone with information about the theft. Please tell the police notified by express Section using the stool a troublemaker known as feces of people or animals.


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