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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17 June 2016 Full Episode Youtube Video HD

Devyaani says our wishes got true. Rajshri says wishes never get fulfilled, we have seen Naira and now I wish to hug her. Devyaani says I wish to sit and talk to Naira. Gayu asks them not to get emotional. Karishma and Naman have a talk about Naira. Karishma says Naira is not happy coming back. Naman says our happiness will not stay, Naitik will now see office and Akshara will see home, everything will get normal as Naira came back. Karishma says no, they will focus on Naira, they will be busy with her. He says it will be good if this happens.

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Naksh asks Naira did she not miss them ever. Naitik and Akshara get food for Naira. Naitik asks her to guess what is it. He says Gayu said you don’t want to come down for lunch, so we thought to come here. Naksh says her tantrums are not less till now. Naitik says so what, I m here for her. Akshara shows the dishes Naitik and she made. Naksh says I will also make something for Naira. Naira takes noodles Naitik made. Akshara asks her to take halwa she made. Naira says I don’t like halwa. Akshara says fine, eat what you like. Naira thanks Naitik and says its good. Naitik says good, I made noodles, your mom made the sauce, that’s why its tasting so good. Naira leaves the noodles and asks them to go. She says I have to get fresh, I will eat later, I m not hungry now. He says fine, have it later. Akshara says we are here, call us if you want anything. They all leave.

Naira gets angry as Akshara is in every talk. She gets Pungi’s call. She tells Pungi that Akshara turned more great by getting me back, I hate her, I will go back in my world, I won’t stay here. Akshara asks Naksh did Naira say you something. He says no. Rajshri says there is something. Devyaani says yes, we should find out. Naitik says she needs time. Bau ji says we have to find whats in her heart, Akshara can do this.


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